ENODIA Announces Summer 2015 Studio Series

Posted: Thursday, June 25, 2015

Seats are filling up! Reserve your space online now for the
Summer 2015 Studio Series
Techniques & Tools to (better) Cope with Life

Starting Next Week! Classes in this series include:
• Turning off Autopilot & Becoming More Active Participants in Our Lives - learn more here
• Easing Our Worries & Calming Our Thoughts - learn more here
• Experiencing Relief from the Physical Symptoms of Stress - learn more here
• Bringing Kindness and Compassion to Our Selves - learn more here
• Allowing Our Negative Emotions - learn more here
Save by registering for the Full 5 Class Studio Series,
or simply just the ones that resonate with you.

ENODIA Center for Balance, LLC
55a E Ridgewood Ave