Monday is Ridgewood Trivia Night !

Posted: Wednesday, April 15, 2015

rnRidgewood Trivia Night takes place every Monday night at 8pm inside The Office Beer Bar & Grill. The game is always free to play and features five rounds of every kind of trivia you can imagine, making it a great option for a family night out. As I like to say: The kids may know the One Direction answer but you\'ll need Mom & Dad for the Beatles questions. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins that week\'s grand prize, along with the Ridgewood Trivia Championship belt. The event series kicked off on March 16th and has grown in popularity with each week.rnrnThe heart of Trivia Night is community involvement. We\'ve launched similar trivia nights throughout New York & New Jersey and are eager to become a part of the community in Ridgewood. The game serves as a fun, interactive way for businesses to reach a local audience in a new innovative format.