Ridgewood Voted "2009 Favorite Shopping Destination in Bergen County"

Posted: Saturday, March 20, 2010

201 magazine readers voted Ridgewood as "2009 Favorite Shopping Destination in Bergen County". It does get better than that! Thank you voters.

A message from Chamber President:

Let’s work together! This is our Village! Much has been written about the troubles of the Ridgewood Downtown Business District - some say parking, landlords, lack of store diversity, highway malls, internet, etc, whatever the reasons - NOW is the time for our community to utilize its resources/talent/creativity, roll up our sleeves and work together to strengthen our position as “The favorites shopping destination in Bergen County”, according to the most recent polling of 201 Magazine readers! We welcome ideas from ALL retailers, restaurants and professionals and would also appreciate input for residents, volunteer associations which make this a great community.

Let’s get started now! If you would like to submit ideas, please mail them to the Chamber office and or email to info@ridgwoodchamber.com.

Let’s work together and remain the “The favorite shopping destination in Bergen County”.

Doug Seiferling, Chamber President