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Posted: Friday, June 28, 2013

The Brain Balance Program:

ADHD and Learning Issues don’t have to limit their potential.

For over a decade, the Brain Balance Program has helped kids overcome their academic, social and behavioral challenges by addressing the root cause, not just treating the symptoms. We integrate cognitive, sensory-motor and nutritional training into a unique and effective program that helps your child reach their full social and academic potential.

We help children with ADHD Learning Disabilities Social Issues Behavioral Issues Processing Disorders

Unlock Your Child's Potential

The Brain Balance Key Learning Program

Grounded in our deep understanding of Childhood neurological development and the science of neuroplasticity, we have created a state-of-the art skill building program like no other. Our Key Learning Program adheres to the Common Core Standards and utilizes the latest classroom technology and curriculum. No other program offers this cutting edge combination in a skill building program.

The unique Key Learning approach leverages our knowledge of hemispheric brain development to create teaching techniques and materials that help maximize the natural strengths of the brain during the relevant period of development. Our program is designed to give your child the advantage he or she needs to learn effectively and succeed in today's classroom and beyond.

The Key Learning Program offers an array of skill building solutions to target your child's specific issue.

Key Reading
Key Math
Key Writing
Key Study Skills

With the Key Learning Program your child will be better prepared for their future academic career while strengthening their core academic skills today.

Give Your Child The Key to Success

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