Introducing...."Ridgewood's Got Talent"!! New event for spring 2011

Posted: Thursday, December 16, 2010

During these hard economic times, we at the Chamber try to come up with creative new ways to attract consumers to Ridgewood. We have gotten together and come up with a fun way to show off our businesses, current clients, and attract new ones. Here is the big plan for the event, as follows:

**Ridgewood's Got Talent**
-The event will run Spring 2011; Auditions March 5, Semi-Finals April 9, Final Event May 21
-Held at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio
-Open to all performing arts students from Ridgewood, ages K-12
-Performances are limited to singing, dancing, playing an instrument, and/or acting
-Each performance will be given a 2 minute time slot for auditions
-Broken down into 4 judging categories; elementary K-2 and 3-5, middle school 6-8, and high school 9-12
-Audition forms need to be filled out by all participants
-Auditions will be held Saturday morning, March 5 (additional audition March 12 if necessary)
-Judges will be from Chamber Member performing arts schools
-The judges will collaborate and vote their opinions; after 1st auditions narrow down to 10 performers per age group, after semi-finals 3 performers per age group, into final event.
-All residents of Ridgewood will be invited!

The grand prize is a chance to perform on stage at the 2011 Downtown for the Holidays event. Ridgewood's Got Talent event is an effort to pull residents and business owners together for the spirit of Ridgewood.

More info coming soon...!