Chamber of Commerce Now Accepting Associate Memberships

Posted: Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce with its history and rich traditions has taken a step forward to enhance its membership role in the business community by opening its doors to non Ridgewood based business.

This change, pioneered by Chamber President Doug Seiferling and Vice President Scott Lief has been in the works for the last year.

"We are excited about this new Associate Membership, it is a win-win for everyone in the business community," said Seiferling.

The Chamber board of directors voted unanimously for the change.

The Chamber is organized for the purpose of advancing the commercial, professional, industrial and civic interests of the Village of Ridgewood: to promote integrity and good faith; equitable principles in business; uniformity in commercial usages; to acquire, preserve, and distribute industrial, commercial,and civic statistics and information of value; to discover and correct abuses; to prevent or adjudicate controversies; to cooperate with similar organizations in this or other communities; and to have a role in representing our Village in the consideration and decision-making of State and National organizations affecting our Village.

Join today as an Associate Member of the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce and be part of this great community.

You can contact the chamber office in the following ways: 201-445-2600, fax 201-251-1958, email:

The Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit membership organization.