Downtown for the Holidays Sidewalk Tables

Posted: Monday, November 29, 2010

Visit friends and neighbors on East Ridgewood Avenue to help with shopping.. entertainment.. and other fun stuff!

Sidewalk tables on E. Ridgewood Avenue:
AM Rotary Club- Silver Spoon Washington Mutual
Coldwell Banker- Sweet Feet
Friends of Music- Town & Country
Friends of the Neighborhood Nursery School- Sharkey's
Mt. Carmel Carmen Fragoso- Old Cheese Shop
Upper Ridgewood Tennis Club- Post Office
Boy Scouts Pack 27- Hillmann Electric
Ridgewood Chamber- HSBC Bank
Willow Montessori School- Bank of America
Ridgewood YMCA- Walking along E. Ridgewood Avenue
RHS Cambodia School Project- HSBC Bank
Ridgewood Tri Athlete LLC- Bank of America