A Walk Through Historical Ridgewood- A Great Gift for Anytime of the Year

Posted: Thursday, November 18, 2010

Video- A Walk Through Historical Ridgewood
Village resident Bill Carbone, past chairman of the Ridgewood Cultural Counsel; Art Wrubel, Chairmain of the Ridgewood Historic Preservation Commission; and Village Historians Joe Suplicki and Peggy Norris collaborated in the production of a DVD, "A Walk Through Historical Ridgewood", released in 2010. The award winning DVD is accompanied by a guided walking tour of the historic downtown area. The DVD won a 2010 Bergen County Chosen Freeholders Historic Preservation Commendation Award.

Bill Carbone: The idea of the video started in 2003 when I saw the PBS Barry Lewis and David Hartman's "A Walk Up Broadway" video. Just a couple months previous, my wife and mother-in-law had taken a walking tour of historic downtown Ridgewood with Chairman of Ridgewood's Historic Preservation Commission Art Wruble. I said to myself, "Gee, we could do that."
I contacted Art and Village Historians Peggy Norris and Joe Suplicki and proposed the idea of doing the video. I knew them because I had worked with them on other projects. They all agreed and thought it would be fun to do.
We first tried to do it with my wife using a small video camera and quickly realized that would not work. We then tried a college student majoring in video production; she lost the film. Third, we met with some professional videographers, who said we needed to raise thousands of dollars through grants and other fund-raising. We put the idea away.
About six months later Art got a call from the village engineer. He knew of two videographers that would be willing to volunteer to work with us on the project! They were Nick DeBlasio and Beau Jadrosich of Glory Days Productions. Then the hard (and fun) work began, and despite all kinds of little problems, four years later the finished DVDs were delivered.

Peggy Norris: The video begins with Ridgewood's early history as a revolutionary era settlement and covers its expansion into the village it is today. The downtown tour includes a look at Ridgewood's architecture and buildings. The video stresses the importance of the village's history and the value of preserving the buildings, landscapes, and artifacts that are our heritage.

Joe Suplicki and Art Wrubel: We have presented this walking tour of the village both in order to educate and to entertain. The historic places we have seen and the environment in which they exist are irreplaceable assets that contribute to the quality of life that the village residents enjoy and expect.
The buildings are the physical link to the past that provide meaning to the present and a continuity to the future. They are a record of the events and the people that shaped the village and made it what it is today.
These special places add visual and intellectual spirit to the environment all Ridgewood residents experience on a daily basis. They have both economic and cultural value and provide a sense of community with the past. They attract visitors and create a sense of civic pride while providing an opportunity to enrich our children's education.

To learn more about the village and its past, visit the Heritage Room at the Ridgewood Public Library or the Ridgewood Historical Society's Schoolhouse Museum. The DVDs sell for $10 and all money raised will benefit the Local History Archives of the Ridgewood Public Library. DVDs are for sale at the Library, Town and Country Pharmacy, Daily Treat Restaurant, and BookEnds.