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Posted: Monday, November 15, 2010

November 2010
Are you Keeping Track of your Investments?
Keeping track of anything related to your finances from checking to retirement accounts is your responsibility. It does not matter if you handle all of your own investing or if you use a professional. It's not much fun, but it is very important and requires organization. Below are the first three of ten steps to our suggested strategy:
1. Make sure you regularly receive all documents. Make a list of all your banks, brokerage firms, etc., that should be sending you statements. Check them off as you receive and file them.
2. Have a place to fill all documents. It does not need to be fancy, but there must be a separate, designated place with subsections or subjects for each statement.
3. Read all documents you receive without long delays. Read them, even if you know they contain bad news.

For more ideas on how to organize your financial affairs, and for private, individual monetary counseling, consider partnering with The Alexandrite Group. Make an appointment with Diane Nissen Friedman, today.

What is Term Life Insurance?
Term Life Insurance provides coverage for a limited length of time with fixed payments. Once that period has elapsed, the insured needs to renew if they want the coverage to continue. Term life insurance is commonly used to protect a family (spouse and/or child(ren)) in event the breadwinner dies.