Double Take Consignment Boutique

Posted: Monday, November 08, 2010

WANTED: Gently worn luxury apparel and accessories.. Designer Consignor Invites You to Trade Your Closet Stash for Cash

Double Take, a world-famous designer consignment boutique in Short Hills for nearly 20 years, has just opened three new stores in Ridgewood, Englewood, and Red Bank. The company seeks gently worn clothing, fashion accessories, and jewelry from sought after fashion designers and well-known brands.

The exclusive fashion shop, a long-held secret of the wealthy, including celebrities, models, photographers, and executives sells luxury designer clothing, handbags, accessories, and jewelry, spitting the proceeds with their original owners. Products debut at 35% of retail, with sales split 50/50 with consignors.

Owner Marci Kessler says, "This recession has fundamentally changed the way people buy fashion. There's far less impulse buying and a definite trend toward value-driven shopping at every socioeconomic level. Regardless of the occasion for the purchase, everybody loves the satisfaction of getting paid back after they've enjoyed something."

Marci Kessler and other expert employees have flown across the globe as part of the store's unique consignment concierge service. They'll visit a home, TV studio, or movie set to review and pick up preferred high fashion clothing and accessories.

If you have items or full wardrobes you'd like to turn into cash, contact Marci Kessler at, call 1-866-678-6464, or visit