From Scratch Restaurant Letter to customers- How they will continue to support the local community

Posted: Monday, October 05, 2020

Dear customers,
We want to inform you, that from this week our restaurant will be temporary closed,until hosting patrons inside will be considered safe without risk for anyone.
That's because the winter season is approaching and we'll not be able to serve outside dining and also because the 25% of capacity in our "micro" restaurant doesn't allow us to survive and doesn't worth the risk of our family,staff and you!!
It is a hard decision that leaves us in a state of sadness and uncertainty,but we've been so far supported by your on line orders on our "family dinner"and we hope you'll continue to do so.
We also decided to keep our prefixed menu from the restaurant (diner menu on our website),so every week you can order by Thursday and have your meal delivered on Friday or Saturday.
Just email us how many people you need for and if you want it for Friday or Saturday.
In this way you can continue to have From Scratch comfortably at home and at the same time help us to keep our business alive.
We continue to appreciate your support in the hope of seeing you soon at the restaurant,leaving all this behind us and opening a new chapter of our lives together.