New Jersey Has Begun Reopening Businesses! Do You Know When (and How) Your Business Can Reopen?

Posted: Monday, June 08, 2020

Recently, Governor Murphy has signed a number of Executive Orders that start to reopen New Jersey’ economy and permit businesses that were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic to reopen. Those Executive Orders not only set the dates for reopening, but also set forth specific requirements or limitations that businesses need to comply with when they do reopen.

So far, the reopening of the following businesses and activities have recently occurred or been ordered:

Curbside pick-up at non-essential retail stores was permitted as of May 13 (Executive Order No. 142);

Non-essential construction was permitted to resume as of May 18 (Executive Order No. 142);

Charter fishing and for-hire vessels were permitted to reopen as of May 17 (Executive Oder No. 146);

Elective surgeries were permitted to resume as May 26 (Executive Order 145);

Businesses involving outdoor activities such as archery ranges, batting cages, golf driving ranges, tennis clubs, horseback riding, and shooting ranges were permitted to reopen as of May 22 (Executive Order No. 147);

Outdoor gatherings of up to 25 people were permitted as of May 22 (Executive Order No. 148);

Child care centers may reopen as of June 15 (Executive Order No. 149);

Non-retail businesses and outdoor dining at restaurants may reopen on June 15 (Executive Order No. 150);

Summer camps may reopen on July 6 (Executive Order No. 149);

Governor Murphy has also announced that hair salons and barbershops will be permitted to reopen on June 22, and gyms and health clubs will likely be able to reopen soon thereafter.

All of the above Executive Orders contain specific requirements concerning limitations being imposed on a reopening, social distancing requirements, and other COVID-19 related obligations. Business owners must be familiar with those restrictions and requirements and carefully plan to comply with and implement them to avoid potential liabilities.

If you have questions about your business’s reopening plan or obligations, please contact us at (201) 345-5412 or through our online scheduling system to schedule a complimentary consultation.
JUNE 5, 2020
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Business Owners Must Plan for COVID-19 Related Issues as Businesses Begin to Reopen

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