Posted: Monday, March 16, 2020

Know Someone Who
Needs to Work from
We Can Help!
How we work, educate, and entertain in this country is being
dramatically challenged right now.
Businesses, organizations, and schools nationwide are shutting their
But work isn't stopping. Large numbers of employees, business
owners, entrepreneurs, students, and family members suddenly have
been reassigned to work and learn from home.
In the Midst of Uncertainty, Work Needs to Go On
With little warning, people are expected to successfully and efficiently
use their home office technology to write, research, communicate,
hold virtual meetings, make transactions, and keep business going.
There are amazing technology tools available to support working
virtually. Many are easy to use. Some are free. Everyone can be
productive and work collaboratively with others without the need to
Working Efficiently, Productively, and Safely
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But often, people are left to fend for themselves as they try to figure
out how to get their home-based workspace up and running in an
effective, secure, and professional way.
Why are all my devices functioning so slowly?
How do I connect the computer, the laptop, and my tablet with my
printer? Do I have all the software I need? Is the data I'm responsible
for being backed up? Do I have proper secure collaboration tools? Am
I using encrypted data transmission? Are my computer and mobile
devices continuously being monitored and are they secure from
Tech Support for the Rest of Us
If you know anyone who is now working - or will soon be working -
virtually, let them know that Bergen IT can help. We advise on the
usability of your current equipment, and set up your workspace to
enhance your efficiency. And we put critical cybersecurity protections
in place so that your technology resources - and the critical
information they access - are safe.
Talk to us if you have any questions. Spread the word - not the virus!
Phone: 201-689-1823
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