Piccolo Bistro is continuing a great menu after Restaurant Week

Posted: Monday, February 03, 2020

Piccolo Bistro is offering a great selection of menu items and specials for all of your party and everyday dining needs.

Below are links for Piccolo Bistro Prix Fix Menu, Main Menu, and Party Menus.

1. Prix Fix menu - https://cdndata.co/cdn/cc15d2442b20bf5997571e70206cc8383f7bc49d/PiccoloBistro_PrixFix.pdf

2. Main Menu - http://www.piccolobistro.net/menu/

3. Party Menu 1, 2 & 3 - https://cdndata.co/cdn/8e1c83e6531616e3ab9e58f13d9816497ba4c6f7/PICCOLO%20BISTRO%20PARTY%20MENU.pdf

Roman Pashintsev

Piccolo Bistro is located at
27 Chestnut Street
Ridgewood NJ, 07450