Rewards Card a HUGE Hit with Shoppers!

Posted: Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Rewards Card is working and is bringing people back to Ridgewood for shopping and dining. We have over 90 members signed up and everyday we add new ones. After the articles in the Villadom Times, The Patch, The Record, and a story on News 12 New Jersey the next day, the Chamber office sent out 500 cards to residents all over Bergen County. The response is clear - they want to shop and dine in Ridgewood!

Please inform your employees of the Rewards Card offer, customers are calling and saying the stores do not know anything about the offers. If you have forgotten what you offered, please refer to the Chamber website and click to review current offers. Also, please put the Rewards Card poster in your windows, the customers are looking for them to identify who is participating. Please call the Chamber if you need a poster and look for our ad campaign.

The Chamber office has given out over 2,500 cards FREE to all who ask. The residents of Ridgewood cannot say thank you enough for stimulating them to come to shop local.

* Check out the Chamber page for Scott Lief's posting of the Channel 12 news report about the new Chamber Rewards Card. Channel 12 also did a report about the Rewards Card on their "Business Report" Saturday, July 31, 2010.