Chamber Challenge: Mystery Revealed!

Posted: Thursday, July 08, 2010

A few weeks ago, we posted a challenge: "Do YOU Know Who This Chamber Member is?"

We then gave a few words in the form of a synopsis to serve as our first and only clue:

"This Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce member cleans up debris along East Ridgewood Avenue every morning before work. Any idea who it is?"

Now, a few weeks later, we are ready to reveal the mystery at last…

The Chamber member is none other than Walter Boyer, co-owner of Bookends!

Bookends, a fixture in Ridgewood for over 25 years, thrives on the convenient downtown location of 232 East Ridgewood Avenue. Hosting anywhere from 80 to 100 author events annually, Bookends attracts as many as 2,000 costumers to each one. These clientele hail not only from Ridgewood but all throughout the Tri-State area and across the Northeast.

Upon entering Ridgewood, Bookends' customers shop, dine and patronize local coffee shops, as well as other neighboring businesses. Because of this, it is important for Boyer to keep the image of Ridgewood as pristine as possible so his customers will come back again and again.

"As a Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce member, we are trying to differentiate ourselves from the Route 17 chain bookstores and attract and keep customers shopping locally," Boyer says.

Customers aside, one thing is for certain: Bookends is here to stay. Boyer recently signed another five-year lease to keep Bookends in Ridgewood, asserting, "We would miss the downtown location , the beautiful surroundings and the customer traffic seven days a week if we moved anywhere else."

Thus, Boyer has vowed to do whatever he can to keep the streets of Ridgewood squeaky clean. As for his trash picking habit, he laments: "It pains me to see how much debris is left on our beautiful streets, and I cannot help but pick up trash as I walk to my daily trip to the bank and other places around town."

He goes on to tout the appeal of Ridgewood, saying, "I wish everyone would realize that this town is the most desirable shopping destination in Bergen County. We all must do our part to keep it attractive and enticing to village residents and the many shoppers and visitors who come to our town from other areas in New Jersey."

The Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce would like to cordially thank Walter Boyer and anyone else committed to keeping the immaculate reputation of downtown Ridgewood alive and strong.