Posted: Thursday, September 21, 2017

When you post today on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll likely reach thousands of folks very quickly. You’ll share a great idea or thought that could change the lives of many people.
Five hundred years ago, when you wanted to share your ideas, you posted them on the Church door. Martin Luther did just that, and probably didn’t have a clue that his post would turn the Church or his life upside down much less that his post would be celebrated for years to come.
This October 29, 2017 marks the 500th year since Martin Luther made his famous post. Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Ridgewood has planned a full day of special activities to mark this anniversary. Please join us at 155 Linwood Avenue, Ridgewood.
A communion worship service will be offered at 10:45 AM. A brunch is being offered at noon (Please sign up on our website, www.bethlehemchurch.live, so we can sure to have enough food). A festival worship is offered at 1:30 PM with the collaboration of the Ars Música Chorale directed by world renowned organist James Kennerley. A reception will follow for all to meet and greet the Chorale and the Bethlehem Congregation.
You don’t have to be Lutheran to attend, nor do you need to wear your Sunday best! This is an opportunity to hear great music, exhilarating organ selections from Mr. Kennerley and getting to hear about Jesus.
More information and the brunch registration may be found at www.bethlehemchurch.live. You may also call the church office at 201-444-3600 (ext. 200) with any questions.