West Bergen Mental Healthcare Center for Children and Youth Presents Worry-Free Middle School Group

Posted: Thursday, March 09, 2017

Now accepting referrals!

The Middle School Group will take place at the Center for Children and Youth, One Cherry Lane, Ramsey. It is open to boys and girls in 6-8th grade. Over a twelve week period, the group will cover:
• Anxiety and stressors
• Cognitive, physical, and behavioral aspects of anxiety
• Problem Solving skills
• Assertiveness training
• Relaxation techniques
• Coping skills
• Parent involvement
The Middle School Group will start in spring of 2017. If you are interested or have a referral, please contact Eve Thaler, LPC at 201-444-3550 x7135 or Katelyn Severson, LAC, at 201-934-1160, x 7335.