Ridgewood Art Institute Summer Sessions Begins August 2016

Posted: Thursday, June 30, 2016

This will be the fifth summer that summer sessions will be held at Ridgewood Art Institute. Young artists enjoy working intensively for a week developing their work to a higher level.
“It is exciting to see the progress the young students make within one week. In my class, they paint from still life’s and from landscapes previously created en plein air. There is no better way to learn then from real life set up. The landscape sketches help them see colors used to create atmosphere in an outdoor scene. Eventually they can paint outdoors using the information that is given and will help them translate the complicated outdoors into an understanding of colors and reasoning behind the palette of the Ridgewood Art Institute”, says Laura Paray
Since there has been growing interest within the past years, Instructors Rebecca Leer and Joel Popadics have added drawing sessions and Diana Gibson an oil painting session. The combination of drawing and oil painting sessions works well together. The kids benefit from taking both of these sessions. As the medium is different the end result is the same – creating beautiful pieces of art in the traditional manner of painting and drawing.

Please visit our website for class and summer session information at www.ridgewoodartinstitute.org