Posted: Thursday, June 09, 2016

A water bottle to hydrate. Headphones to unwind. A journal to escape.

Cancer survivor Amanda Fredericks stored these essential items and several others inside of a purple, waterproof bag that, in spring 2015, usually remained tucked away in a corner of her home.
But every other Wednesday, Fredericks – who was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer – loaded the bag into her car and headed toward the hospital for chemotherapy treatment.

Her story is, unfortunately, not a new one, but her bag of “necessities” was unique. “I went into chemotherapy scared and unsure of how my body would react” said Fredericks, who spent 16-weeks in chemotherapy before undergoing a bi-lateral mastectomy and reconstructive surgeries. “A dear friend sent me a list of the things that helped her through her battle with cancer. I took that list and created the first ever Necessity Bag that went with me to every chemotherapy appointment – it felt like my little bit of armor against the disease. “
But now, Fredericks is packing Necessity Bags for more than herself. “After my experience, I recommended a similar bag to friends when they were diagnosed with Cancer. The reaction I got was so overwhelmingly positive that I wanted to help more people heal and get through the process. That was when I created the Necessity Bag.”
The bags themselves are washable, tip-proof BOGG bags, which are lightweight and waterproof and come in multiple color options.

Fredericks and business partner, Megan Leto, pack each bag with a cozy blanket, an aluminum water bottle, a journal, a bookmark, headphones, a cotton beanie, soothing essential oils, throat lozenges, hot/cold packs and organic lotion.

The pair is selling the bags online at and plan on donating 20 percent of the revenue to grassroots organizations four times a year.

The bags are intended to be gifts to patients or a gift from patients to themselves.