Winner of Annual Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Announced

Posted: Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Congratulations to Ridgewood High School Senior Courtney Meyer, winner of the annual Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce Scholarship. In her scholarship essay, Courtney - a well-rounded student with a stellar academic record - wrote about how working in Ridgewood taught her various life lessons that proved vital in shaping the person she has become. She then related how the businesses of Ridgewood, in turn, help to bring life to the community.

Here is the first paragraph of her winning essay:

"All of my jobs revolve around lives: the lives of patients, the lives of children, and the life of the planet. Working in Ridgewood has helped me realize that it is businesses that bring life to the community. Without companies and stores, Ridgewood Ave. would be desolate, and the communal feeling that is so often taken for granted would no longer be there."

Courtney will be graduating RHS at the end of the month and attending Lehigh University in the fall.