Exclusive Video Detailing the History of Ridgewood Now Available

Posted: Thursday, June 10, 2010

"A Walk Through Ridgewood," a video inspired by Historic Preservation Commission Chairman Art Wrubel's walking tours of downtown Ridgewood. The video presents many facets of Ridgewood's rich history -- from its beginnings as a colonial settlement, to its expansion in the mid-19th century, to the charming community it is today. It is our sincere hope that this video will introduce you to an understanding of the Village's history and the importance of preserving the building, landscapes and artifacts that are our heritage. Witness Ridgewood's fascinating transformation for yourself and get your copy today! Call The Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce at 201-445-2600, e-mail info@ridgewoodchamber.com or visit the Chamber's office (located at 27 Chestnut Street in the heart of Ridgewood's central business district) for more information.