E Quantum Breakthroughs Offers Powerful Auric Clearing

Posted: Thursday, February 25, 2016

I am so excited to share a new modality to clear energy blockages
from your field!! This clearing is essential to stepping into your FULL
POTENTIAL and to be the best YOU. This clearing uses the language
of the Higher Self including light, sound, inscripted intentions, and sacred
geometry. The process is for anyone who wants to manifest new things in
their business or life.

This is an extremely powerful and high-level process and will clear sub-
conscious blockages that create negative attitudes such as low self-esteem
and unworthiness. When I went through this process, things in my life started
shifting immediately.

The aura, one of the energy systems in your energy body, is like a biofield
(of light) that surrounds your physical body.

Energy blockages in the aura often represent our greatest life challenges
and block our emotional, mental and spiritual evolution. These blockages
are why people feel stuck and in the same rut year after year. Until you
permanently change or remove these blockages from all levels of your
multidimensional awareness (including associated neural networks),
they will keep activating over and over.

Every time the blocks activate, the emotional charge increases and then
embed deeper into the aura with a stronger magnetic frequency. “Solidified”
energetic blockages often manifest as diseases and the magnetic charge from
them will attract us to people, events, times and places with a similar low frequency.
This makes it extremely difficult to manifest your desired reality.

This auric clearing is for anyone that wants to:
• discover ease and peace in their business and life
• MANIFEST a life at their Full Potential
• remove unresolved emotional issues and limiting beliefs
• get out of repeating the same old types of relationships and scenarios
• increase their frequency to manifest their desired reality
The investment for an Auric Clearing is $997; however, for a limited time,
I am offering this clearing for $497- a saving of $500!!!

I only have a few spots left for this- so please contact me ASAP to get a
spot at this special offer price.

Please email me at anne.deatly@gmail.com or call me at 201-925-1046
if you are interested in having a crystal clear energy field for vibrancy,
confidence and optimum health.