Congratulations to Eileen & Ronnie Smith

Posted: Thursday, February 18, 2016

The time has come for Ronnie & Eileen Smith to bid farewell to our dear family, friends & loyal patrons.
After 35 years of a livelihood at Smith Brother’s we would like to take this moment to express our gratitude for being a part of Ridgewood and all that has been bestowed upon us.

It has taken us from the initial struggles, butterflies, long hours and the mistakes made while learning the ropes since 1980; when with my brother Geoffrey, I first opened these doors of Smith Brothers.
There have been many memories made as our customers have met here to have a drink as they came off the train from a long work week or as they were pushed off the same train on 9/11 where they gathered for threads of information; thru the years of parades, Christmas tree lightings, snowstorms when people walked, skied & even snow shoed to get here; thru Sandy outages where people who had no power gathered not only to eat & get warm but to also exchange experiences, recharge phones or get cash by writing checks to Smith Brothers since no ATMs were available.

In 2007 we had the experience of “The Fire” which closed us for almost a year. Within that year we had friends, family and customers who would try to fill the Void in our lives especially at the hours of 7 a.m. & 4 p.m. When Ronnie was expecting to go into work But there was no work to go to or those who kept us busy with dinners so we did not feel as if we had no where to go, or those who wished us a speedy reopening as they passed us on the street, for that we thank you.

We need to take the time to acknowledge the “Team Effort” that made Smith Brothers what it has been! We have employed so many people over the years and so many names to remember:
Shawn, April, Charlie LaWatch, Bambi, Simo, Laura, Lauren, Jenni, Mae Rose, Gail, Jerry, Giullermo, Thunder, 3 times Mike, Katie & so many more from the past to the present of today, Wild Bill, Terry, Bobby, Cyndi, MaryEllen, Mary, Maryanne, Liz, Julio, Adam & Janet, we would not have survived for so long without all of our “Treasured Employees”.

Lastly, to all of our past & present Loyal Customers where some remain and some have gone-you have not only been faithful patrons but you have been our inspiration for 35 years!!

We have made many “True” friends from our customer base and we will truly miss the day to day contact of greeting you at our door, pulling up a chair at your table and catching up or cracking jokes with you & your family. We have seen many joys & sorrows over the years from first dates that turn into marriages, births of babies and the growth of a family to the sorrowful departing of some close friends and customers.

As we are very excited for the next step in our life we wish the new owners, all of our employees & all of you our friends only the best in the future. IT HAS BEEN OUR PLEASURE GETTING TO KNOW YOU!!!

We will be reaching out in the next few days one more time in order to let everyone know when we be having a last hurrah day/night Where all will be invited. Stay tuned!!!