About the Chamber

With over 300 members and a 90-year history of serving Bergen County businesses, The Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest and oldest Chambers in the United States! The RCC is a voluntary organization of individuals, businesses, professionals and organizations dedicated to advancing the commercial, professional, civic and general interests of our community.


The Chamber is organized for the purpose of advancing the commercial, professional, industrial and civic interest of the Village of Ridgewood; to promote integrity and good faith; equitable principles in business; uniformity in commercial usages; to acquire, preserve, and distribute industrial, commercial, and civic statistics and information of value; to discover and correct abuses; to prevent or adjudicate controversies; to cooperate with similar organizations in this or other communities; and to have a role in representing our Village in the consideration and decision-making of State and National organizations affecting our Village.

This Chamber in its activities shall be non-partisan, non-sectional, and non-sectarian and shall take no part in, or lead its influence to the election or appointment of any candidate for National, State, County, or Local Office.

Chamber's History

Since the Chamber was incorporated in 1927, it has served Ridgewood continuously. It acts as a public relations counselor, a representative to local government, a problem solver, an information and resource center, and as a coordinator of business and professional programs and promotions. The Chamber promotes the maintenance of a dignified and successful business and professional district.

An unsalaried Board of Directors, comprised of five officers and nine directors, determines the Chamber's policies. An executive director and administrator carry out board and committee policies. The Chamber works cooperatively with the NJ Chamber of Commerce, Commerce and Industry Association, The Village of Ridgewood Government, and other organizations and agencies that serve the residents.

Contacting the Chamber

The Chamber Office is now located in the heart of the Central Business District. Most members are able to walk to the office when in need of assistance, have a meeting in the Chamber Office, and/or be part of an event. Please stop by and visit our new office at 27 Chestnut Street (take elevator the 1st floor).

For more information about the Chamber, please call 201.445.2600 or email info@ridgewoodchamber.com.

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